It’s been a pretty incredible few days over here at HackCollege.  A bunch of us got together in New York for a weekend, we’re working with Lifehacker for their back-to-school week, and now our founder Kelly is the talk of the internet after the BBC featured him in this article.  

It’s a great read, and Kelly’s segment is all about one of his side projects, the Cult of Less. Kelly’s used the site for the past year or so to get rid of everything he owns by cataloging all his possessions, and then (unless he wants to keep it) giving them away or selling them.  Having seen his apartment this weekend, I can vouch for the site’s effectiveness.  His rationale is that the devices we carry around these days — laptops, smartphones, tablets — can do most of the things we used to rely on standalone items for.  

So what do you think?  What physical items have you replaced with apps and programs?  What can you still not live without?