Hey Guys, remember me? It’s been a little while since I’ve written here. I’ve been working away at blip.tv for almost three months now and it’s going great. My co-worker Allan (who actually helped with the new site redesign) and I also have a nifty side project we just put online. It’s called CourseBoss. CourseBoss makes it easy for professors to post and collect assignments online, all through a tried-and-tested technology: email. We’re pretty proud of it.

Best of all, we’ve got a little referral program in place. That means that if you recommend your professor to the system, we will give you $10. Yep. $10. That’s about 32 PBRs. When your professor is signing up for the system, make sure they type in your email address into the referrer field. We’ll get you squared away right away. Thanks so much for your support.

Easy Assignment Posting

If you’ve ever had to TA a class, you know that the simplest task can be difficult in some of the big course management tools. Professors and course managers can post a file quickly and easily. Such a simple task is not dependent on browser version, connection speed, time of day or phase of the moon. Allan and I asked ourselves why the simplest tasks were often the most difficult, and aimed to fix that.

Easy Assignment Collection

For students, gone will be the days of rushing to the library minutes before the paper because your printer—of course—decided not to cooperate. Each course has a unique email address that you will submit every assignment to. It works flawlessly and your prof has a unified inbox for all of the assignments coming in. Everyone is happier. You can spend more time—you know—actually learning.

Easy Assignment Subscription

As a student, you can also easily subscribe to your course’s assignments. For better or worse, you will know exactly when your professors posts a new assignment to CourseBoss. The assignment title, description and download links will be built right into the email message. No more logging onto some course management software. Sweet!

More Features in Development!

What you’ll see when you visit the site is the result of almost two weeks worth of nights and weekends. We have more tricks up our sleeve yet, so stay tuned to see what we start adding! If there’s something you’d like to see or have any questions, shoot me an email at [email protected]