Android apps can make college life a little easier. Image courtesy of Flickr user tomsun. Licensed under CC 2.0 BY-SA.

The HackCollege staff primarily uses iPhones or “dumbphones,” so we probably haven’t written as much about Android as we should.  Luckily, we have a guest post written by Brendan O’Neil, who is a junior at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He is also the editor of Officeal and an active Twitter member.


(Free, requires an account)
Dropbox is a must have for students regardless but the mobile application is a welcome addition to the family. Supporting Microsoft Word, PDF files, audio and video files. This is great for having all your documents at your fingertips but the ability to send files via email from the application makes it extremely useful.

Slide Screen

Among home replacement applications for Android, Slide Screen stands head and shoulders above all for students. With it’s unique row scheme, Slide Screen is perfect for getting a ton of information in one glance rather then checking a bunch of applications or swiping through homescreens, especially ideal for stealing that habitual peak during class.

Course Pro

Course Pro is a class organization tool that allows students to keep track of assignments and grades throughout the semester, even calculating current grades and GPA based on the data put into the application.


(Free, requires an account)
A must have for most students. The free streaming music application is perfect for walks to and from class or getting work done in the library. While using Pandora be sure to watch that data usage or switch to wifi when available though!


When it comes to news applications NPR is far and away the best out there. The key feature in the Android app is the ability to create custom playlists of audio news stories. Much like Pandora this is a great option for walks between class or any other down time.


(Free, requires account)
Keeping track of personal banking is a must, one of the best tools out there is Mint. The online money management tool now has a mobile counterpart to help keep track of your spending and when to make that omnipresent call home for a potential refill.

Remember the Milk / Astrid

We students can get buried under a myriad of tasks, why not get things in order with a powerful to-do list? Both Remember the Milk and Astrid are to-do powerhouses. While Remember the Milk requires a Pro account ($25 a year) Astrid remains free but is not as powerful as it lacks an online counterpart and a few other perks.


(Free, requires an account) 
Evernote claims to be the users “external brain” and who among us couldn’t use one of those? Evernote is a platform that can save documents, web pages, text files and images while making them all searchable. This is handy for keeping track of forms, receipts, potential gifts, class notes, pretty much anything. So this fall don’t let anything slip your mind, just place it in Evernote. 


What Android apps do you use as a student? Do you find any of these helpful?