Shep’s desk makes him a lean, mean productivity-blogging machine.If there’s any piece of furniture that college students are tied to, it’s the desk. Where else can we convince ourselves to power through that 12-page final paper instead of taking a much-desired nap?

With that in mind, we’re introducing a new feature where we highlight the most interesting desks that our readers send us. First up is not from a reader, but a writer: Shep McAllister, a student at Trinity University.

Shep was eager to submit his desk to the pool in part because this is the first year that he’s had a real, organized space to use as a desk. To celebrate his swanky new space, he’s hooked up dual monitors and purchased a nice desk chair from Ikea.

The above-desk shelf allows him to store a printer, spare paper, and his laptop case, while a below-desk trashcan ensures that he can toss his snacks once he’s finished without having to stop working. Perhaps for inspiration, he’s got a Dilbert strip taped up to the wall.

As you can see above the light, Shep’s zip-tied his computer cables together so they’re out of the way–an easy, cheap way to make a desk seem less cluttered so you can focus on writing rather than decluttering.

Click for more photos of the desk after the jump, and if you’d like to submit your own, email [email protected] with photos and a description of how you’ve hacked your desk and why.

Extra lighting reduces eye strain and allows you to take lovely, saturated photos of your workspace.