Everyone likes to have a different study environment. Some like pure silence, others like white noise, some like the soft vocal stylings of Neil Diamond or James Taylor, and even more will love to rock out to bands like Metallica. Some like to sit up in a rigid chair and desk, others like to find the library, and some have mastered the art of sleeping…I mean, studying in bed.

It’s worth noting that there is no definitive, end-all-to-be-all, alpha and omega answer to the best place to study. It depends on your personal wiring and how you work.

But, for me, I’ve found the best location, and it’s probably one of the loudest locations on campus too. No, not the football stadium (though those are usually pretty quiet during the week, and mine’s open for students to wander), but your residence hall or apartment’s laundry room.

I’m not kidding. You’re forced to wait an hour or more for your clothes to finish their spin cycles, and what else could you do? Don’t answer that – I know Facebook and Twitter are on your top 2, but I encourage you to leave the computer in the room unless you absolutely need it. Grab a good book or textbook and get cracking. The washers and dryers don’t have the be only ones being productive during laundry cycles.