Sometimes what a startup needs is fuel: specifically, pizza and O’Reilly.This week’s featured desk space comes not from a single reader, but from a group of them in the form of startup company OpenStudy. The company, based out of Georgia Tech and Emory University in Atlanta, views “the world as one big study group where students should be able connect with others studying the same material and collaborate in real time,” according to project member Jon Birdsong. The company is attempting to bring the principles behind social networking to the traditional study group.

As you can see, the desk focuses on collaboration among members of the team–critical for the face-to-face group work required in building a website.

The free space on the desk allows for some choice in what the group members choose to have nearby–as you can see in the foreground, some go for reference books, while in the background you can see some dual monitor setups, and in the middle there are the ever-necessary pizza and beer (and water, for the more hydrated members of the group).

The desk setup has clearly worked out for the group as they’ve just recently started a partnership with MIT’s OpenCourseWare, MIT’s free, Creative Commons-licensed online courses.

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