Yes we can enter the web 2.0 marketplace. A screenshot of the site shows a few of the apps the US government offers.There are plenty of things that come to mind when one thinks of the US Government–but “web-savvy institution” probably isn’t one of them, no matter your political leanings. However, that may change with the government apps website. There are six pages of government-sponsored apps to do with national security, BMI measurement, and what’s currently being recalled. For people who need quick an easy access to that information without having to search through government websites, these apps and mobile web pages have the potential to be quite useful. Here are a few of the most interesting offerings.

My TSA – If you’re a frequent flier, this app could be a godsend. It provides up-to-date information about what new restrictions there are on air travel–information that’s good to know in advance, and often hard to track down. If you’re a seasoned traveler who already knows what restrictions are in place, then you can use the airport delay notifications that the app can provide, as well as its estimations of security line wait times. Available for iPhone/iPod Touch and as Mobile Web page.

Alternative Fuel Locator - If you drive a car that uses biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, or propane, you may have trouble finding a fueling station–especially on the east coast. This app tells you where the five closest fueling stations are for your vehicle, gives you their contact information, and sends you directions using Google Maps. Available as Mobile Web page. Mobile/ Mobile - is targeted at international audiences traveling to the US, while is targeted towards current citizens. If you’re a student from abroad studying in the US, the’s visa information and summary of current affairs may appeal; if you’re a student activist, the site puts contact information for your elected officials in the palm of your hand. Available as Mobile Web pages.

Find Your Embassy - If you’re an American student planning on studying abroad for any length of time, go ahead and bookmark this mobile site. It allows you to search for the nearest US embassy or consulate given where you are, and gives you their contact information. It also compiles a useful list of what emergency services the embassies can provide you and alerts you to any travel warnings that may arise during your time abroad. Available as Mobile Web page.

Library of Congress Virtual Tour - The Library of Congress is the world’s largest library, a fact they highlight in the in-person Library of Congress Experience exhibit. This app allows those who can’t make it down to DC a chance to see parts of the exhibit for themselves. Perhaps not as useful as visa information, this app is nonetheless educational an very cool, in a dorky sort of way. Available for iPhone/iPod Touch.