Japheth Crawfod, a graphic design student at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, sent us this week’s featured desk. He’s made use of generic school-provided furniture and build up, allowing him to fit all of his work materials around without needing anything more than appartment-legal ingenuity.

On his desk, he’s got a 15″ Macbook Pro and a Wacom tablet–key for his major–that fits snugly in beside so he can work on his class assignments. Next to them he’s made space for his TV, speakers, and a lamp. Nothing on the main part of the desk distracts from functionality–this keeps the workspace free for actual productivity.

By building up, Japheth has made space for his wireless all-in-one printer, so it stays out of his way and there are no wires to tangle on the desk. He’s made clever use of one of the storage nooks to store a few external harddrives and, on its side, an easily-accessible box of Kleenex. To the right of the desk, he’s storing useful items (like DVDs and blank CDs) within arm’s reach. Overall, the desk allows for maximum productivity without Japheth ever leaving his chair.

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