Screenshot o’ the Tumblr Directory. Check it out, yo!If you have a Tumblr, then you probably know that today is Tumblr Tuesday, when its users recommend all their favorite blogs of late. While there are the always popular users, like the internet culture blog, The Daily What, and print-turn-digital outfits, The New Yorker and Newsweek, there are also many specialty blogs that have content close to what you’re studying in your major. Here are a few of them: 

Psychology: NeuroLove

Depending on your school of thought you may either love or hate this blog. It’s a few posts a week about the brain and all the wonderful things it does. 

History: Dead Presidents

This is fairly specific blog, as it only focuses on presidents, but, there certainly isn’t a lack of information. There are a few posts everyday ranging from really well asked and answer questions, to what some presidents said about others.

Chemistry: FuckYeahChemistry

I don’t know a lot of chemistry majors, personally. I imagine they have their head in the books a decent amount, probably more than the average college student. So, FuckYeahChemistry sets out to test your knowledge as well as titillate you with funny Chemistry-related comics.

Political Science: Robert Reich

You know the saying, opinion are like buttholes everyone’s got one. It seems as though Robert Reich’s opinions might hold a little more sway. He is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley and has served under three national administrations. His succinct posts will give you unique point of view, having worked with presidents and all. 

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