When you stare into the screens, the screens stare back.Today’s featured desk space comes from none othe than our own Luke Turcotte. The desk itself, unlike the last few we’ve featured, isn’t dorm-issue–instead, it’s an Ikea Expedit desk and, to the left, a bookshelf for storage.

Luke’s laptop is, in his words, a “small and powerful” 13″ Macbook Pro. It’s lifted up on a Griffin Elevator to reduce eye strain while working. The second monitor, seen in the middle, is a Samsung 245BW 24″ Display. He uses it to boost productivity when working from the Macbook, and as a substitute for a TV.

In front of the monitor, you can see Luke’s Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, which he’s tricked out with BetterTouchTool to make the device more efficient. Behind the monitor you can see his speakers, which are M-Audio AV40 Studio Monitors–he says they’ve got great sound quality for a reasonable price.

Luke, as we’ve already seen, takes his notes on pen and paper. To digitize them, he uses his Epson WorkForce 610 All-in-One scanner/printer. He uses the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch (a tablet and stylus combo) to make edits to the scanned notes. If he needs cheap black-and-white printing, Luke uses his Samsung laser printer.

Luke uses his iPad, seen to the right, to hold his PDFs. It runs task manager OmniFocus. The iPad’s little brother–Luke’s iPhone–can be seen next to it.

The most interesting part about the desk is the power-saving mechanism: all the peripherals are connected to a single USB hub, so all Luke has to do when he gets home is plug the hub in and he can power on all the devices.

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