Image courtesy of Flickr user love♡janine. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.For most students moving off campus means freedom from RA’s, cramped dorm rooms, communal showers and crappy cafeteria food. If you’ve already made the jump you’re probably shaking your head at that last point, turns out that food they serve is actually pretty good compared to the Mac & Cheese and canned beans you’ve been reduced to. Thanksgiving couldn’t come any sooner right? Allow me to introduce you to the slow cooker, a students best friend. This inexpensive appliance lets you combine almost any combination of meat, veggies and spice into a delicious medley of healthy, tender goodness. Slow cookers cook food at a low heat over many hours, herein lies the beauty of this simple tool. Say you’ve got class until late in the evening and only a half hour until your monthly AMSA meeting, just throw some ingredients into the slow cooker, choose low or high heat and put the lid on. When you get back you’ll have a hot meal ready to be served. Slow cooked meals are perfect for microwaving the next day as well, throw the leftovers in a tupperware and Voila! you’ve got lunch for tomorrow. 
Guys, want to impress your lady friend? Whip out to slow cooker, it’s almost impossible to screw up. Ribs? No problem. Pulled pork? Too easy. 
Here’s a few of my favorite recipes, although I usually improvise and throw in whatever feels right. 
Post some of your favorite slow cooker tips and recipes in the comments below. Bon Appetite!