As hopefully all of you know, LinkedIn is a professional networking website that allows those looking for jobs, especially college students, to create profiles and look for business and career opportunities. It’s a really fantastic service, and if you haven’t signed up yet, you definitely should. LinkedIn caters to 80 million users worldwide and is an easy-to-use tool that may help you find a job or career after college.

To add to its professional networking services, LinkedIn recently added a new feature to its site called Career Explorer. The new feature will allow college students to essentially map out their desired career path and visualize how they can attain this path. Students are able to look at career paths that those before them have taken in order to understand what steps they must take to get to their goals.

On LinkedIn’s press page, the chief executive officer of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner said,”LinkedIn is about connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale. Career Explorer is the latest example of how we make that possible by providing one of our fastest growing demographics, students and recent college graduates, unique and valuable insights enabling them to develop the optimal career path. We’re excited to be launching this product in partnership with PwC, one of the largest and most forward thinking recruiters of new graduates.”

Other features that LinkedIn Career Explorer offers include:

  • Connections – allows students to seek out those in their field of interest as possible sources of information or career opportunities
  • Statistics – gives users stats about different careers
  • Jobs – alert students to possible job openings and possible networking opportunities to help them attain those openings
  • Follow Potential Employers – acts kind of like a Twitter feed for LinkedIn businesses as it sends students information and updates about businesses that you follow

Currently Career Explorer is being offered to a select 60 universities (which are not all listed) across the country. However, on-campus demonstrations and events promoting LinkedIn and Career Explorer have begun at several larger universities. If you attend New York University, Boston College, Brigham Young University, the Ohio State University, the Pennsylvania State University, Syracuse University, the University of Florida, the University of Illinois, the University of Maryland, the University of Southern California or the University of Washington, look for LinkedIn events happening on your campus. These universities are obviously part of the 60 universities to which LinkedIn has limitedly released Career Explorer, but gradually, the service of Career Explorer will be offered to more and more universities. For more information, head to the press page regarding Career Explorer.

[LinkedIn Career Explorer via TechCrunch]

What do you think of the idea of Career Explorer? How useful do you think it would be to college students? Are you eager for the release of the service to your university? To those who have access to the service, what do you think of it?