MarkUp lets you annotate any website in an instant, and share the results.HackCollege has seen (and even created) its fair share of bookmarklets, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this.  MarkUp allows you to annotate any web page with one click of a button.  No need to download the page as a PDF to scribble on it with desktop application; everything takes place in the browser and is lightning-quick.

You get your choice of marker colors and thickness, and also a few semi-transparent options for highlighting.  A textbox tool also allows you to type up notes in the margins of a site.  Once you’re done drawing all over the internet, Markup will generate a permanent URL to access a static image of your finished page.  Except it isn’t really an image. To be honest I don’t know what exactly it is. I just know I can’t right click to save it anywhere, which is more than a tad annoying.

MarkUp is definitely a good start, and considering it’s free, a no-brainer to try out. Hopefully the developers add some more exporting options (I’d love to send these to Evernote) and the ability to highlight text by selecting it, rather than struggling to drag your cursor over the pertinent information with a trackpad.