JotNot is a full-featured scanner that fits in your pocket. Excited?Love it or hate it, college students still have to deal with a ton of paper.  Many savvy students are committed to a paperless lifestyle, but using a scanner to get notes, handouts, and readings onto a computer can be just barely time-consuming enough to discourage us from being comprehensive about it.  That’s where JotNot comes in.

The iOS and Android application is basically a full-featured scanner in your pocket, and is ideal for instantly digitizing the paper in your life.  Before you purchase though, be sure your phone has an auto-focus camera; the iPhone 3G returns pretty poor results.  

One you launch the app, start out with a new document, aim at your paper, and snap a picture.  You can then specify the corners of your page to compensate for background distractions and the angle of your photo.  You can also spend a few extra moments specifying options like output format, contrast, and file size, or even specify if the photo was of a whiteboard, blackboard, or piece of paper.  One more tap processes the photo to your parameters.  

The whole process takes something like 15 seconds, and doesn’t require a giant scanner.  Hell, I’ve done it in the middle of class with assignment descriptions and the like, just in case I misplace them.  Obviously you won’t be using this to scan your cherished family photos, but scans of your books and papers are absolutely legible enough to study from.  My favorite option is the automatic Evernote exporting feature (mostly because of Evernote’s text-recognition abilities), but you can also send your scans in an email, to iDisk, Google Docs,, Dropbox, or even as a fax, if that’s part of your workflow.

For the smartphone-packing student who hates managing actual pieces of paper, JotNot is a fantastic time saver and insurance policy against misplaced papers.

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out in the comments that JotNot only exists on Android as an expired beta.  I’m not an Android guy, but some googling came up with Scan2PDF as a suitable alternative for you Android users.