Image courtesy of Flickr user pastaboy sleeps. Licensed under CC 2.0He’s got great study habits. She’s got a drug habit. Zen Habits. Habits are behavior actions and routines we carry out on a daily basis. These actions can be both positive and negative, effective and ineffective, productive and an utter waste of time. Successful individuals consistently execute positive, effective and productive habits. Habits can be modified. You can control your habits. Are you aware of your habits? Do you check Facebook when you get bored? Do you arrive early to class? Do you review your notes after each class? Are you satisfied with your habits? Guru’s in productivity like Tim Ferriss and Leo Babuta are masters of habits. They evaluate their habits regularly, what works, what doesn’t, why? Habit evaluation isn’t difficult, being disciplined enough to replace bad habits with good ones is. Are you disciplined enough to practice positive, effective habits each day? The difference between you and Sally, that Queen of the 4.0 who’s never stressed? Habits.