Thank you to everyone who entered our contest! We’ve picked the winners of the copy of Office 2010 and the two Cinch licenses.

Office 2010: The winner is commenter Crystal, who says that:

“If I had Office 2010, I would use it design newsletters for the literacy non-profit I work at. Our newsletter reaches the underserved Native American and low-income middle and high school students we mentor (we read books along with them and discuss them through online forums and school site visits to inspire a lifelong love of reading), the educators we support, and the donors who support us.”

Cinch: The winners are commenter ZenStealth, who says that:

“My favorite Mac OSX feature is both Expose & Spaces (renamed Mission Control in OSX 10.7). I have a lot of open windows on at all times, and by using Spaces to create virtual desktops, I can easily organize all my windows into convenient categories (which is really awesome to me, because I have mild OCD)….I am currently running the trial version of Cinch right now, and unfortunately I can’t buy it (even for $7) because I am a poor high school student. I would love to win one of the two licenses, because having auto-sizing windows is one of the things I miss using when I switched PC to the Mac.”
and commenter Cary, who says that:

“I’m also a fan of iCal. As a CA (same thing as an RA), I can check class times, test/quiz dates, meetings, programs, and so much more… And when you’re OCD like I am, the color-coding is great to use.”
If you’re one of the winners, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Thank you to everyone who entered! You are a creative, talented bunch.