SugarSync might not have Dropbox’s ease of use, but it’s hard to complain about 5 GB of free cloud storage.I’ll admit, I hadn’t really given SugarSync much thought before today.  For reasons unknown, Dropbox seems to own an incredible majority of mindshare when it comes to free online storage, despite the presence of SugarSync’s essentially identical 2 GB free offering.  

That may have just changed though, as SugarSync has upped the ante by increasing their free account’s storage space to a more-usable  5 GB, with referral bonuses of 500 MB each.  If you’ve never heard of the program, you can use it to back up and sync the contents of selected folders on your computer (rather than Dropbox’s single-use proprietary folder) to the SugarSync web interface, as well as all of your computers and devices.  Basically it’s Dropbox, but with a lot bit more control at the expense of simplicity.

I used MobileMe for a year, and what I miss most is the ability to upload large files like videos to share with friends and coworkers.  My Dropbox is too full and too small to do this, so SugarSync’s cushy 5 GB should come in handy as supplemental storage space.  If you’re serious about your cloud storage needs, they’ll be happy to sell you 30 GB for a reasonable $50/year or $5 per month; a much more college-friendly option than Dropbox’s 50 GB for $100/year.  

If all you’re interested in is the free version though, there really isn’t a good reason not to try it out…so go do it.  

How do you use cloud storage as a college student? What’s your preferred provider? Let us know in the comments.