Ch-ch-ch-changes. Facebook, in an attempt to stay current and hip (haven’t you seen The Social Network?), has just launched a new profile for their users. Screenshots are from Facebook’s blog and are being displayed through fair use. As much as I love the readers of HackCollege, and would love to provide a more personal experience, I won’t be displaying my personal profile for the sake of my friends’ privacy (and maybe my own, too).

Some notable changes:


  • The profile “snapshot”. Underneath a user’s name, the elevator speech of their life is listed. For me, work information comes first, followed by education, current city and hometown, relationship status (if in a relationship), and birthday. This is followed by a row of recently-tagged photos, which the user does have the discretion of choosing – in an attempt to show what the user’s recently been up to.
  • The profile “tabs” have disappeared, and now appear in a list off to the side, under one’s profile picture.


  • The ability to display friend lists on your profile. By default, family and all friends show up. I’ve chosen to showcase my student government group and my fraternity, as I found those to be the most appropriate and most relevant choices for me.
  • A more expansive information section. Education and Work become most prominent, then a user’s “Philosophy” – views on religion, politics, and quotes in addition to people who inspire you. Sports have made a long-awaited appearance – a user can choose what sports they play, their favorite teams, and favorite sports figures. Arts and Entertainment are followed by Activities and Interests, Basic Information, and Contact Information.



  • Bored by long lists of favorite movies and music? Facebook’s got you covered. The lists of “liked” arts and entertainment, in addition to the new sports features and people who inspire you have been replaced, are now rows of images – where the top 5 are  displayed and the rest are displayed in image rows below.

  • The ability to tag friends in activities, work, and education. I’ve added my fraternity and student government (and HackCollege!) to my activities and tagged my friends in their respective areas, in addition to adding classes to both college and high school.

  • Remember those new Friendship pages? Here’s why they came out. When logged in, a user who views another user’s profile will see what they have in common in the right corner of the screen, and the ability to “View their Friendship” for more information.

The profile change is currently opt-in, and can be done here. However, once you change, there’s no way back. The profile change will be rolling out to everyone in the near future, however. Enjoy the changes!