We really have it lucky, us students.  Companies are willing to throw us huge discounts on the assumption that we are both poor and still forming our brand loyalties.  Whether this is true or not is irrelevant; you don’t need to be broke and gullible to take advantage.  Hell, the deals can be so good that Lifehacker even ran a feature to help readers enjoy these benefits forever.  Here is a roundup of some of the best student discounts out there to help you save a little cash this holiday season:

Amazon Student - Ideal for the procrastinator, Amazon offers anybody with a .edu email address a free year of Amazon Prime.  With Prime, you can get almost any item on Amazon shipped to your front doorstep in just two days, for free.  No more padding your shopping cart to hit the $25 threshold for free (and slow) standard shipping.

Student Advantage - I’ll admit, I completely forgot that I had the Student Advantage stamp on my college ID until now, but they actually have a lot of decent discounts.  If you don’t have the card, you can sign up to buy one for $20/year, with a $10 discount for every additional year added.  From there you can get discounts like 40% off prepaid movie tickets, 10% off of flights, 20% off Greyhound fare, and tons more, including a number of great gift shopping sites.

Apple Education Store - I envy you if you have the cash to be buying Apple computers as gifts, but the company that notoriously doesn’t offer discounts actually cuts students some pretty nice deals.  You won’t find deals on the cheaper items, but you can save anything from $50 on the White MacBook to $200 on the higher end MacBook Pros.  

Dell University - Dell has some of the most generous hardware discounts out there, offering markdowns of over $200 on some systems that already start at well under $1,000.  They also have some great deals on external monitors, a worthy addition for any student.

Microsoft - As students, we all have to deal with Microsoft stuff one way or another, and if we don’t then we certainly know somebody who does.  The big M always has great deals on Microsoft Software, and their student site will link you to some of the best.

J.Crew - One of the most generous student discount programs for at retail, the crazy-expensive J.Crew gets slightly more affordabe (15% to be exact) when you flash your student ID at the register.

General Motors - I’d be surprised if anybody reading this is in the market for a car, and even more surprised if that car was a GM, but I was surprised to see they have an entire student discount program dedicated to shaving a few thousand dollars off of your new car purchase.

Software Galore - Most producers of high-end software are eager to get it in the hands of students, and offer some pretty steep discounts, and this site is a pretty good aggregator of the best deals from Adobe, Quark, AutoCAD, and more.  Most of them are still prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re looking at them as a gift, but they may be worth saving up for while you’re still eligible. 

There are tons of discounts to be had, so let us know about your favorites in the comments!