Thank God I’m a poli-sci major. Photo courtesy of Fickr user djfoobarmatt. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.Hey you. Yes, you there. The one pretending to study for your Marketing exam over there in the library. We
 know you’re just listening to Kanye perform Runaway or watching the Miley bong-hit video. Why not make your study break productive? Those textbooks your head is buried in – they might be worth something someday.’

After you finish memorizing how many bones are in the human body or why bureaucratization is important, your textbooks can be sent elsewhere for cold, hard cash. There goes your excuse for not buying your roommate a gift.

Here’s Lifehacker’s take on the idea, and they’re spot on. Make sure your textbook is in the best shape, and check out whether or not it makes more sense to use Chegg or other online resellers or a local alternative. Spoiler alert: Your school’s bookstore will probably rip you off just as much to buy your books back as they did when they were selling them to you.

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