Tonight, my MacBook Pro became unresponsive, and would not boot up after a hard reset.  It’s happened once before, and the fix should be as easy as reinstalling the OS and restoring from a time machine backup.  I won’t have a working computer until late tomorrow though, because I’m taking it to an Apple Store so they can reinstall Snow Leopard, since I don’t technically own it.

Anyway, at the beginning of this semester I boldly proclaimed on Lifehacker that I would not do any assignments with Microsoft Office this semester, and tonight my choice was affirmed.  I’m pretty good about backing up my system, but it’s been a few days.  If I had been writing my final term papers and only saving them to my hard drive, they would have been wiped out, and I would have probably stabbed myself in the neck.  

With all my assignments safely nestled away in the cloud under Google’s watchful, motherly eye, I can honestly say that I saw my computer crash and burn, and didn’t feel the slightest twinge of stress.