I am on a roll with the “P” alliteration. Last week was “Positive Procrastination” and this week is all about the pizzazz this little website called Prezi can add to your presentations. Genius, right? Yes, I know. But onwards we must go.

So it’s nearing the end of the semester and for some of your classes you might be required to give a presentation for a final project or a paper. I know this because I had to give a presentation for a project yesterday actually. As my group (which funnily enough is the same one on which I was collaborating with fellow staff writer, Shep) began to prepare our presentation for our final project, we realized that we didn’t want to present the class with some boring old slide show. Oh, no. We wanted to dazzle. And thus, we decided to use Prezi. Intrigued? Of course you are.

Prezi is this awesome little site that calls itself the “Zooming Presentation Editor.” You create your points just like any other slide show, but instead of presenting them in some boring slide, Prezi “zooms” to your different points, creating a very nice effect as you move from point to point. The effect is subtle enough to not distract from the over all presentation but is interesting enough to keep viewers paying attention. If you want to better understand what I mean by “zoom,” check out this mock up presentation I made for you to peruse.

Because Prezi isn’t your normal presentation tool, it will make your presentation stand out more compared to the repetitive slide shows. Also, it’s pretty fun and very simple to use so creating a presentation using this tool is quite excellent. Check out some of the tutorial videos on the site if you find yourself stuck with some element of the website.

And the best thing about Prezi? It’s free. The best, most magical words to the college kid’s ears. A free or what Prezi calls the “Public” account will let you create prezis online and share them with other people (as I have just done for you). It will also let you download your finished prezi so you can present it offline. You’ll also get 100 MB of space with your free account. This basic set up is all that a college student really needs. However, in case you’re interested for some reason, you can also purchase the “Enjoy” or “Pro” account for $59 or $159 a year, respectively. These paid accounts come with the luxuries of making content private, the removal of the Prezi watermark that appears on the prezis, the ability to work on your prezis from your desktop offline, and larger storage space.

For a college student, the “Public” account should be more than enough for your presentations. However, this presentation system is a very good thing to lock away in your arsenal of tools for future jobs and internships. If one day your boss says, “We need a way to present this information in a fun, new way,” you can just whip this out of your back pocket and will be the hero of the day. I mentioned this idea of being familiar with lots of different applications way back in July when I discussed HootSuite. Even if you don’t use Prezi in your presentations, it’s a good idea to just take a look around the site and get familiar with because you never know when you’re going to need something just like it.

So use Prezi for and finish of your final presentations of the year with a little pizzazz.