When you’re traveling, packing up cords can be a much bigger pain than it ought to be. Most electronic devices in the Kindle/iPod/iPad/phone vein don’t take up much space, but syncing cords and docking stations do–not to mention, they get tangled and they’re easy to lose when you travel. However, if you’re lucky, you’re using devices that charge primarily via USB–as all the iDevices, the Kindle, and many phones do.

Pick one of your devices that has a removeable USB-AC power adapter (or buy one for cheap if you don’t own one). Chargers like this a really two separate pieces: the USB-AC adapter, which plugs into the wall, and a USB cable which plugs from your device into your computer, typically for syncing/charging purposes. For an entire trip, you only need one USB-AC adapter–if you pack that, along with just the USB cables which are device-specific (and lightweight), you can charge all of your devices from a wall even if you don’t shell out for device-specific travel chargers. This way you have fewer bulky outlet adapters to deal with and/or lose, and you can charge all of your USB-charging devices even without a computer–great if you’re visiting somewhere where you don’t need a laptop but want to listen to music or read an eBook.

For the remaining USB-to-device cables, this tip from Lifehacker works as well for cords as it does for headphones–and will keep your cables untangled, separate, and undamaged while they stay in your bag. Traveling is stressful enough as it is–your electronics don’t need to contribute to that.