It’s that time of winter break again. You know what I’m talking about. It’s after Christmas. It’s after New Year’s. And we’re all just counting down the days, willing time to slow down before we have to go back to school. We wonder where on earth the break went. It’s all so sad.

But there instead of just lying in bed and praying to the time gods to extend your winter break for just a few more weeks, you could be productive. “Productive?” you might say. “Over winter break? What is this?” However, these last few days before you head back into the chaoticness that is college is a great time to get some stuff done that you might not be able to devote the time to during the semester. For example, your resume. Sure, you might be able to spend an hour here or there on it during the school year, but these last days of your winter break where you are basically doing nothing except dreading the beginning of school are a great time to work on your resume. When you start applying to internships and summer jobs very soon in the upcoming months, you’re going to want to spend your time looking for opportunities instead of laboring over your resume.

Lifehacker recently posted an article about a great resume tool called RezScore. It’s a webapp that gives you a grade on your resume and tips on how to improve it. It grades on three basic criteria– brevity, impact, and depth. It also looks at the document structure, word usage, and format. Once you’ve uploaded your resume, the site will also give you some tips for improving your resume.

All in all, it’s an interesting webapp that I think is worth taking a look at with your resume. It’s not perfect by any means. I wish the tips for improving my resume were a little more specific or at least would explain what they meant by a tip. Perhaps provide an example for each tip so users could better understand what they need to do. Also, the terms that the site uses to grade each resume– brevity, impact, and depth– are never really defined either which I found very unhelpful. What do they judge as far as impact goes? How do you make a resume have more impact? Does more job experience give your resume more depth or is it some other factor?

Even if it’s not flawless, the site can provide you some additional insights to how to improve certain aspects of your resume. In addition to the upload and grading feature, the site also allows you to to talk with a RezScore expert to talk you through your results and give you more of an explanation of why your resume scored the way it did. I suppose I could do this and ask them what exactly “impact” is, but it would be far more helpful if that was just defined on the site from the get-go. You can also pay $45 for a premium report on your resume which will go more in depth in exploring the components. This premium report includes a look at the resume structure, a language critique, SEO optimization, and industry metrics, which helps you further tailor your resume to a specific industry.

RezScore also gives you the option to hire a staff member to help you rework your resume to be the best that it can be. I think that is a very interesting offer and am curious as to how it works and how satisfied customers are with the service.

So while you’re working on your resume before school starts, check out RezScore and see if you can improve it with some of their tips. Let us know about your experience and your thoughts on it in the comments!