We’re halfway through CES 2011, and we’ve walked through miles of booths and exhibits on the quest for the best student gadgets. Naturally some silly pictures were taken along the way. Click through to see some.  

The amount of restraint we exhibit to not create the Tumblr “Look at This Fucking Keyboard” is unparalleled.



Kelly holding a legitimately cool keyboard. But who needs a new keyboard? Oh, bamboo you say? I suppose a second keyboard couldn’t hurt…

How did we get by before the TV Hat (as Seen on TV™)? Have you ever been in public and wanted to watch TV? We definitely have.


 Electric Audio R8. We’ll just leave that there…

CES-goers in a state of three dimensional awe or brainwashed citizens of a 1984-esque dystopia? You decide!

 Luke and Shep jamming at the NBC Universal Hub.

Kelly is fascinated by the chair-iPad combos in the NBC booth.

How did that get there? Who did that? Take note that the Galaxy Tab is not hip to the hippest web fonts. 

Shep (and Kelly) check out some o the latest Samsung TVs. If you want 3D, sometimes you have to wear glasses. But now they are “fashionable.”

 AR Drone in flight. Nothing feels so wrong but so right like $300 spent on flying drone that you can control with you iPhone/iPad.

A green Tesla Roadster. Get it?

Stay tuned for more photos, videos and posts from CES 2011!