The Kno tablet is promising to be a breath of fresh air for students looking to lighten their backpacks and boost their productivity. Offered in both single and dual screen versions, the student companion focuses on eTextbooks and note taking, tasks many students find to be poorly executed on competing products. Handwriting on the 14” Kno screen with the battery powered stylus was fast and natural, allowing students to mark up eTextbooks purchased through the Kno store and keep up with the professor while taking notes in class. Although the large screen makes the device feel bulky, the decision to go with a larger screen was made to provide a better experience when reading large format textbooks, eliminating the need to zoom around the page. Those who make the jump to a dual screen Kno can take notes on the second screen while flipping through PDF’s on the other.

The Kno executes its primary functions, reading and writing extremely well however, browsing the web and navigating the device’s menus felt cumbersome. It should be noted that the Kno is still in development and has time to grow. For now, we’re impressed with Kno’s reader application and student focused mindset, however we suspect the large, clumsy hardware will leave college students looking to alternative solutions.