Love Dropbox? Get ready to love it even more. Photo courtesy of hplusk. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.Dropbox has recently launched Dropquest 2011, an online scavenger hunt that rewards players with up to 1 GB of extra space in their account. Sounds pretty awesome, right? It might kill some of your productive time during the day, but if you have the time or the brains to work your way through Dropbox’s series of puzzles and hints, it’ll be well-worth your time.

If you’re having trouble, Dropbox has an Official Dropquest Thread with some helpful hints. Also, try Google for some walkthroughs.

This type of interactive promoting is becoming more and more common among businesses. As a Communication major, I’ve studied these puzzle advertisements that encourage people to get involved with a product or service through games or quests. Though Dropquest’s puzzles can all be solved from the comfort of your own computer, some companies or products have been taking their interactive advertisements into the real world as well, creating what are known as Alternate Reality Games (ARGs).

I mention ARGs for the purpose of encouraging those of you who are looking to go into business, marketing, advertising, public relations, or any other related field to become familiar with this rising form of promotion because it’s gaining quite a lot of interest. If you stay current with up-and-coming methods in your field of interest, you’ll be ahead of the pack. Also, ARGs are just crazy cool. If you’re interested in doing some on-the-surface reading on ARGs, check out the Wiki page. Pay attention to the article on The Beast, arguably the biggest and best example of an ARG.

Let us know what your experience was with Dropquest in the comments!

[Via Lifehacker]