Got 60 seconds? Then you can avoid clutter like this. Photo courtesy of eflon. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.As small as dorm rooms are, for some reason it seems that they seem to get way messier than they should. Perhaps it’s because we’re too busy with keeping up with readings and assignments and making times for our friends. Or maybe it’s just because it’s far easier to just let our clothes have a permanent resting spot at the foot of our beds or let our books sprawl out across the room. Some of us our neat freaks. Some of us just don’t have that particular gift.

If you find yourself thinking that you’re far too busy to keep your room completely organized all the time, try taking some advice from an article that was posted by Psychology Today. The article gives you ten tips to help keeping your space clean from clutter without having you dedicate a huge chunk of time.

Some of the tips that I thought were the best were:

Follow the “one-minute rule”

This rule basically says that if you find yourself with a spare minute, use that minute to do just a simple task that won’t take more than a minute. Examples are taking out the trash, hanging up your coat or jackets, or putting your shoes away in your closet. Just doing one of those simple things will help the state of your room.

Don’t keep a piece of paper unless you know you’re going to need it

I am so guilty of this. I always think, “Well, what if I’m going to need this some day? What if somewhere, sometime, I am going to need to know what I got on this three question quiz on January 31st?” It’s completely ridiculous, but the papers do keep piling up on my desk or in my folders. If you’re done with it, toss it. Or rather recycle it.

Get in the habit of a nightly tidy routine

It doesn’t have to be long. In fact, the Psychology Today article suggests about five minutes. Pick your dirty clothes up off your floor, put your books in your backpack or back on the shelf, put your pens back in their proper place, etc, etc. Just doing things like this will help keep your room from accumulating so much clutter. Additionally, it might help you sleep better if your room is nice and neat.

Check out the rest of the Psychology Today article for some more quick tips for getting your room decluttered.

Do you have any quick tips for keeping your space tidy? Let us know in the comments!

[via Psychology Today]