Students who take on challenges beyond the classroom make for great stories, and great job candidates. This past November, a group of 7 University of Waterloo students challenged themselves to build 7 applications over 7 days. While skipping class, the 7cubed team put together an impressive collection of programs, from an augmented reality game to a geolocation aware message broadcast platform. One application in particular tickled our college hacking fancy. Quick Cite is an iOS and Android application that simplifies the painful process of writing citations for print books.
Upon launching the app for the first time, you simply enter your email address, then proceed to snap a picture the book you wish to cite’s barcode. Instantly, an email is sent to your inbox with a formatted citation. Quick, simple and most importantly, practical.
Quick Cite is available in the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace for $0.99.
Give Quick Cite a go, it’ll certainly make your next paper just a little bit less painful to write.