Whiteboard doodles are epic. Loving the Lost references. Photo courtesy of melissaclark. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.Whiteboards. What are they good for except to make awesome huge murals that make no sense? Well, actually whiteboards can be an extremely useful tool for college students. So here is a list of things that I bet you didn’t know about whiteboards and how they can help you with your college life.

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Marker Residue

The number one thing I used to hate about whiteboards was how messy and dirty they eventually got. I would have important things written up on my whiteboard for several weeks or months at a time, and when it was eventually time to erase them, they wouldn’t come off. I would buy that special dry erase cleaner stuff and spray and scrub and spray and scrub, but to no avail. The words would still be perfectly visible or I would only succeed in spreading a nasty combination of all the colors all over the board. It’s frustrating to say the least.

However, there is a very easy solution. Simply take another marker and scribble over the particularly stubborn bit of residue. Completely cover the old markings with fresh marker. Then just take a tissue and wipe it off. The residue should be 99% gone. It’s a great way to get your board looking nice and white again. This trick also works with permanent marker on your whiteboard. If you want to write something long term on your board, don’t feel afraid that you’ll have ruined a whiteboard. Just do the same thing, and the permanent marker will disappear as easily as other dry erase markers.

Use Whiteboards for Lists and Color Coordinating

This tip is hopefully a little self-evident. This is what I primarily use my whiteboard for. I usually like to split my lists up into long term things to do, weekly things to do, and other random lists like a grocery list.

What’s wonderful about whiteboards is the ease that you can color coordinate your lists and change around items. Designate one color for major papers and their due dates and another for exams. The visual reminder of the colors that you’ll see every day as you walk into your room will trigger your brain to keep thinking about your long term goals.

Use Whiteboards to Study

I actually really like using whiteboards to help me study in certain classes. I used to use my big one when I was studying for my calculus exams. Writing out problems on the whiteboard made studying a little more fun than just using plain paper and pencils. If you have a test where you have to remember dates, use a whiteboard to write out the dates and events that you can remember. Try to see how you can incorporate whiteboards into your study habits. Studying with them just seems to make the process a little less sucky, because, hey who doesn’t love a whiteboard?

You might also try using whiteboards for brainstorm sessions. There’s a great ability of freedom with whiteboards that you can’t always get with paper and pens. Being able to constantly jot down things and erase them can help you brainstorm a little easier.

The Wonder of WhiteyNotes

What do you get when you combine Post-Its with whiteboards? WhiteyNotes. They’re like miniature whiteboards that you can stick wherever you want. According to a LifeHacker article, they come in a variety of sizes and styles, including checkbox, lined, unlined, and need-to-buy. They range from about $5-$8. So if you feel yourself constantly wanting a whiteboard wherever you are, check out these neat little things. I think the idea is genius.

The company that makes them, WhiteyBoard, also makes larger stick-on whiteboards if you want to turn a larger area of your wall into a whiteboard for more writing. I think I prefer my traditional whiteboard, but for someone who just needs a blank space to write and $10 to spare, these are a great idea.

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Do you have any other uses for your whiteboards? Let us know in the comments!