If you’re planning on moving out of the dorms next semester, odds are you’re already neck deep in the hectic college housing scene. Checking out apartments, finding roommates, and filling out applications add up to be quite the hassle, but negotiating the rent split with your roommates always presents opportunities for drama if the bedrooms aren’t the same size. That said, it’s better to get this out of the way before you sign the lease, rather than deal with hurt feelings later.

Enter SplitTheRent.org.  This simple site will let you fill in a number of parameters about your aparment.  It takes into account everything from the relative size of each bedroom, to the presence of private bathrooms, to the quality of the views.  Some questions get oddly specific too, asking if each room as its own door, or if any are awkwardly shaped.  After filling out the survey in its entirety, the site will spit out its recommendation for the each roommate’s share of the rent, and invite you to give feedback to improve the algorithm.

Of course, you’ll want your roommate present when you use the site, and you may want to agree beforehand to abide by its decision. There’s no point using the site if someone is going to feel cheated afterwards.  If you’d rather just split things 50/50, you can always switch rooms midway through the lease.  

[Via Lifehacker]