Using web apps to collaborate remotely is a great way to knock out group projects. My go-to app has always been Google Docs, but might just change that. As soon as you visit the site, you’re presented with a blank corkboard, and a private URL to bookmark. No need to sign in or create an account; you don’t even have the option here. Next, it’s a simple matter of clicking to create a new sticky note, and typing to fill it. You can also pan around the page, and move and resize notes. That’s really about it. 

But as we know, the simplest services are the easiest to adopt, and you should have no trouble convincing the luddites in your group to give it a shot. Just email the URL out to everyone, and you can all add and edit notes on the same corkboard. There’s also an IM window in the lower taskbar to make it easier.

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