Stanford is rightly credited with shoveling the coal into Silicon Valley’s furnace, but could entrepreneurship survive without it? Image courtesy of Flickr user chavezfb71t and licensed under CC by 2.0

If you have a few minutes today, I recommend you check out this piece over at Huffington Post by Bill Aulet, the managing director of MIT Entrepreneurship Center. He discusses how most traditional centers of business innovation, particularly in the technology sector, are anchored by strong research universities that continually churn out talented workers.  Still though, he has discovered that several areas of the world without strong institutions of higher education are becoming burgeoning centers of innovation. 

Even in America, more companies are started by immigrants and exchange students, likely because they’re more driven to succeed than comparatively comfortable American citizens. We encourage our readers to be self-starters and entrepreneurs, even if it’s something as small as starting a blog, so the question I pose is this: does being a student encourage you to start your own projects, or play it safe? Let your thoughts be known in the comments!

[Via Huffington Post]