The Full Wiki aims to make Wikipedia an authoritative source.Since the time we were able to write research papers, we’ve been told by just about everyone to never, ever, ever use Wikipedia. It’s unreliable, anyone can change it, absolutely nothing is true on Wikipedia, etc, etc. However, The Full Wiki is attempting to rectify this.

As explained on Lifehacker, the webapp gives users citable, reliable material from sentences that are highlighted in Wikipedia articles. Check out the examples on their site to get a feel for what The Full Wiki is trying to do. Currently, the webapp is only in beta release and only has a few thousand articles processed. However, the site promises to have the entire site of Wikipedia completed soon. In addition to annotated Wikipedia articles, the site also offers interesting pages and tidbits like the most popular unsolved murder cases in the United States or a biographical map of David Bowie.

So what does The Full Wiki mean for college students? That we can now all cite Wikipedia using the webapp and never have to worry about doing hours and hours of research ever again? Hardly. What the webapp is trying to do is very interesting for us students. It gives us additional places to go and research topics. I would not recommend taking what the Full Wiki says as a credible source at face value. Some of their sources may be credible, some of them may not. But it allows us to delve deeper, explore the sources it does give us, and then evaluate the credibility. If it doesn’t seem credible enough to source, then perhaps these additional, more reliable sources could give us more ideas to research.

What I think is the most interesting for college students about this webapp is the possibilties that will be coming about in the future about readily available, trustworthy information that everyone will be able to get their hands on. In college, we’re usually lucky enough to have access to university subscriptions to databases for our research needs. But what happens when we graduate and still want to learn more about our professional field? The possibilities that The Full Wiki opens are intriguing because of the amount of credible information it can give to anyone who wants to learn.

What do you think about The Full Wiki? How would you use it as a college student?

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