In my experience, most iPhone apps designed to help students manage their lives are a waste of time. I’m happy to say that Grades 2, which came out earlier this week, is an exception.

The app itself is quite simple. You add the courses you’re taking, use your syllabus to fill in all of its assignments and their weights, and then you feed the app your grades as the semester progresses. Grades 2 then averages your scores and tells you your current grade, semester GPA, and even what scores you need on upcoming assignment to achieve your targeted final grade. For added convenience, you can also add due dates and sub-grades.

The interface is, quite honestly, one of the best I’ve seen on iOS, and I love that it just does one thing well.  Too many student-centric apps try to completely replace your workflow with calendars, GTD task lists, and tons of other features you probably don’t need. Grades 2 simply keeps track of your grades, and it does it quite well. Downloading it will even earn you some feel-good points, as it’s designed and marketed by Jeremy and Josh Olson, two brothers currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte. An app by students, for students is something I think we can all get behind.

Grades 2 is free and ad-supported, but ads can be permanently removed with a $1 in-app purchase.