Remember the Chrome laptops that were released for testing a few months ago? Well, now we know what’s become of them: Google’s planning to announce today a $20/month package for students which would allow them to rent a Chrome laptop and the OS that goes along with it. The laptops aren’t super-powered, but they don’t have to be for most of what students do (watching Netflix, writing papers, and watching Netflix while writing papers).

It seems more and more like students are moving towards needing little more than a netbook for their day-to-day computing needs, with the rest of the really expensive computing power supplied by university computer labs and libraries.

If you’re heading off to school in the fall and were considering shelling out for a new netbook, you might want to wait to see where the Google announcement goes–according to the Chromebook website, the devices will be available on June 15th. Twenty dollars a month for a rental laptop (particularly if Google replaces the laptop when a newer model comes out) is a sweet deal, potentially.

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