It’s hard to make a new apartment or dorm (whether for the summer or the rest of the year) feel like a home. Even worse, art is frequently expensive and photos taped to the wall can look collegiate in a bad way. With that in mind, here are some ways to decorate your dorm or apartment on the cheap.

Postcards: Postcards, whether purchased while traveling or through Etsy, are cheap and easy to arrange. Buy a set of five or six (I’m a fan of woodcut-style art) and tape them to your wall in an organized fashion. Because the financial investment is so small, postcards allow you to go beyond Klimt posters and put up art from lesser-known (or at least less-cliché) artists.

Thrift Store Art: If you are looking for an actual framed painting, hit up the nearest Goodwill or estate sale. You can usually find something not-terrible, and even if you can’t thrift store canvases can provide a base for you to make your own art. If your own thrift stores aren’t turning up anything interesting, try the Goodwill auction site. So long as the painting isn’t too large, you’re probably safe hanging the canvas from a Command hook.

Calendars: The largest piece of art in my dorm is a long-format Chinese calendar from 2005. Hardly anyone notices the date, and the giant peacock print is a great conversation starter. Unusual calendars can be a great, cheap way to find several pieces of art in one package–check out your local import store to see if they have any for sale.

Organized Photo Collages: This recent Lifehacker article has a variety of cheap decoration ideas, but their best tips are those about photos. Though taping wads of photos up can look immature, picking themed photos or photos with similar color schemes and grouping them together can look great. Another option is to tape photos in a single file line running the length of a small wall. Spatial organization is the key to photo arrangements that look intentional. To print my photos, I use Shutterfly–its Flickr integration makes my life much easier.

Do you have any tips for decorating your dorm room on the cheap? Share ‘em in the comments!