Partying, partying, yeah. Photo used via fair use doctrine and courtesy of FratMusic.comI know what you’re thinking. The Greek (not ethnically) on the HackCollege staff is at it again, trying to pollute our minds with Natty cans, empty tins of chewable tobacco, and loud, bumping hit music. And you’re thinking right – at least on that last one.

As the chief frat star on the HackCollege staff – one area of college is definitely my expertise – partying. Now I haven’t gotten down like Kelly, Shep, Emily, Laura or Luke at those SXSW parties – though my sources tell me they’re nuts – but I do know a thing or two about how to entertain guests at a college party and next to interesting people and enough alcohol, it’s good music.

Since my experiment with the guitar ended in high school and playing the first few bars of Linkin Park’s “In The End” only draws praise from my mother, I need to have someone else playing the music. And in the spirit of productivity and automation, why not have someone else compile the playlist? In that vein, FratMusic Radio was born.*

FratMusic provides multiple mixes for different situations including both “broin’” and “hoin’” out, throwbacks, power hour playlists, mashups, and even studying. Perhaps ironically, my favorite studying playlists are from FratMusic. There’s plenty of variety for the type of party and activity occuring at said party – be it line dancing, dubstepping, raging, baby making, or celebrating 420.

FratMusic takes the often tedious task of preparing a party playlist off your to-do list and into your browser. My only complaint with fratmusic is that there’s no mobile app, yet, but they promise one soon. They also keep the playlists fresh with updates multiple times throughout the week. FratMusic has risen from the ashes of obscurity to the speakers of your next party.

* Editorial Note: Or perhaps, reborn – the FratMusic Emily referred to in her post on good study music was an ancestor of the current site, and one that has since been improved drastically.