We all know that Evernote is a great, free application for organizing your college life. We’ve also talked highly of StudyBlue, an online flashcard-creation service with some cool sharing features and great mobile apps. Recently, StudyBlue made it easy to integrate with your Evernote account, and easily generate flashcards from new or existing Evernote notes. Not too many college students I know are still using flash cards, but this could be a great time saver if you do.

You can find out all the details of the integration at the Evernote Blog, but basically StudyBlue will create a notebook stack in Evernote that will be viewable in their online dashboard. Any notes you add to the stack can be easily transformed into interactive flashcards. Both services are freemium, but their free versions are more than adequate for the average college student, so go check it out!

[Evernote and StudyBlue via Evernote Noteworthy Blog]