Whether you’re moving somewhere new this summer or you’re slowly preparing yourself to move somewhere new next semester, you’ll know that moving is just a pain in the ass and can be completely overwhelming. Thankfully, Lifehacker has a fantastic comprehensive packing list that should give you some great tips whenever your moving day comes around. You can check out the whole list here, but I’ve listed some of the tips I found the most helpful here.

Use the Opportunity to Declutter

As I was packing up after the semester had ended, I realized how much shit I had accumulated. Seriously, where did this stuff come from? It’s like it just spontaneously grew up from the floor of my dorm. So as I was packing up, I really took packing up as an opportunity to get rid of a lot of unnecessary and excess stuff that I never used. I threw away old notebooks, decorative stuff I never used, and clothes I didn’t use anymore. Not only did this make it a lot easier to pack everything since there was less to pack, but it just felt good to declutter my life and get rid of unnecessary stuff.

Getting Cheap Packing Materials

I’ve been using large, plastic bins to pack up all of my stuff from year to year. I frankly like this system because I don’t have to worry about getting boxes every time I move out. However, if you’d rather just get boxes for cheap, Lifehacker suggests hitting up retail stores, especially furniture stores which will have larger selection of sizes of boxes. If you’d rather have non-used moving boxes, you could try ULine to get a good deal on new boxes. Also, check out this Lifehacker article that specifically talks about getting moving boxes.

Organize and Prioritize

The most important thing I think that you can do while packing is to keep everything organized. Label your boxes so you know what is in which box. It can get really confusing and frustrating if you can’t remember which box you packed your bras and underwear in, because then you just end up unpacking everything in order to find what you’re looking for.

It’s also a good idea to keep things like toiletries and clothes that you’re going to wear the first days of moving in a spot that’s easily reached so that you’re not unpacking everything to get to them. Prioritize what you’ll need to unpack first so it will make the whole process just a little less painful.

Do you have any more moving tips? Let us know in the comments!

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