Yes. Yes, yes, yes. We had the chance to play with the Livescribe SmartPen at CES in January (video above), and came away impressed by the paper-based apps they were starting to roll out. The new Livescribe Connect integration though wipes the floor with everything else we’ve seen.

Want to email a note to a classmate? Just underline the word “email,” and then write your friend’s email address. Want to send a note or drawing to Evernote, Google Docs, or Facebook? Just underline your desired service on with your Smartpen. Simple and brilliant. Though I never take notes with a pen and paper anymore, I know it’s necessary for certain subjects, and some people still prefer it over a keyboard anyway. I’ve always been a proponent of scanning your notes into a computer after class, but I think Livescribe has matured to the point where it’s a student’s best option. There is simply no better way to reconcile your in-class luddism with your after-class tech addiction. 

The 2GB Echo Smartpen is reasonably priced at $100, and you can probably get something cheaper secondhand. If you still have a few semesters left in school and you love taking notes by hand, it may be time to seriously consider taking the plunge. As this CrunchGear article points out though, forward-thinkers may want to wait for a wireless version of the pen, as you currently have to connect via USB to sync all of your notes.