If you’re lucky enough to own an iPad 2, you’ve probably also fallen in love with its accompanying magnetic Smart Cover, which caresses your ears with each satisfying snap. Where we saw a simple case though, the folks at Evernote saw an opportunity, and Evernote Peek was born. 

The concept is simple, but brilliant. Using your the Smart Cover as a cover sheet, the app allows you to quiz yourself on anything in your Evernote library. Simply fold up the bottommost tab to reveal a question (pulled from the note titles of the Evernote notebook of your choosing). When you’re ready, lift the next section of the cover to reveal the answer (determined by the contents of aforementioned notes). You can then mark whether you were correct or incorrect, close the cover, and start again with a new question. Flash cards have never been this high tech!

Obviously, this app is mostly just a party trick. Evernote even has some great integration with online flash card service StudyBlue, which doesn’t require an iPad 2 and smart cover. Still though, if you already use Evernote and you own the required gear anyway, Peek could be helpful cramming alternative.