It’s midway through June. By now you’ve moved to your summer location and started your job or internship. You’ve probably also adjusted to your new summer schedule so it’s now just another routine. Sometimes when we fall into a routine, however, we can get complacent. The routine may not be scheduled to bring out our most productive ability. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your summer days, try rescheduling your daily routine with these tips.

Waking Up On Time

I love sleeping in just as much as any other person out there. If I could, I would hit the snooze button for three hours and just keep lounging around in bed all day. I am very good at that. However, it really kills my productivity and the hours in my day. This Lifehacker article points out that with good habits like a balanced diet and regular exercise, getting up in the morning shouldn’t be all that difficult. If you need help getting up in the morning, check out our tips on waking up.

Waking up at a reasonable time will help your daily schedule in several ways. It will get you out the door sooner so you spend less time trying to motivate yourself to get out of bed, and more time being awake doing actual productive stuff, whether it’s at work or working on your own personal side project. I’ve also found that waking up early gives me several free moments in the morning while I’m getting ready. I could’ve spent that time snoozing, but I’ve been using it to read books while I eat breakfast. It may be only a few minutes at a time, but I’m slowly making it through a book that I never have time to read otherwise.

Change Your Work Schedule

Not all of you may be able to do this, since internship and starting job hours are usually determined for you. But if you are able to talk with your supervisor and work out something, it’s worth a shot. Some of us work better at different times of the day. If you’re able to get to work at a time when you feel like you’re more “in the zone,” it will help your over all productivity rate. The same idea goes for your school work. Set aside time during the day to get your work done when you know you’ll be more likely to focus. Maybe this means waking up earlier for you since you’re a morning person. Maybe it means staying later at work because you focus better in the evening.

Sometimes it may not even have to do with what time of day you work better. When I go to work between 8 and 9, traffic is absolutely horrific. However, when I go to work around noon, my travel time is cut in half and I have either more time at the office to get my work done, or more time at home to work on my stuff. Figure out what improves your schedule the most and make it work to your benefit.

Create a Circular Schedule

This idea also comes from a recent Lifehacker article that discusses a circular schedule, or a Chrononotebook. According to the article, “The Chronotebook has you schedule your time out using hours mapped out on the radii of a circle, much like the face of an analog clock. You use one circle for morning, and one for afternoon. It doesn’t feel as rigid as a conventional, linear dayplanner format does, you’ve got more room for expanded notes.”

This kind of schedule is a new way to look at your daily tasks and allows you to focus on your must-do tasks at work as well as your complete daily routine. This idea seems interesting to me and I might try it out in the coming weeks to see if it works for me.

How do you keep your day as productive as you can? Let us know in the comments!

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