Ah, the familiar sight of freshman year. Photo courtesy of Flickr user bfhoyt. Licensed under CC BY 2.0For some of the students here in the Sunshine State, their summer is ending early and the threat of summer semester is looming on the horizon. Don’t worry, they make up for their lost time at the beach with plenty of their first college parties. Unfortunately, there’s not a class in Beer Pong or Flip Cup yet, so they actually have to pass their summer classes and get adjusted to campus.

One of the major worries of incoming freshmen is what to bring. For those who might not be able to have mommy and daddy bring up something on a whim, this is an important decision. One that I was able to make with the help of Dan O’Connor’s What to Take To College.

So a year later and reflecting upon that, I’ve realized I brought way too much stuff. That hit me throughout the year but most during move-out. Dan recognized that problem with his new version of Take to College, and he’s allowing HackCollege readers to be the first to use it!

The new version allows users to customize their lists. No kitchen in your dorm? No problem! Eliminate things like toaster ovens from your list. Not bringing a bike? There goes a few more items. A gentleman, not a lady? Most of us won’t require makeup.

Even better than just allowing HackCollege users to modify their lists – they’re now shareable to friends and family. Want your roommates to know what your bringing? Done with a click. Got an uncle who’d like to help you get prepared for college? Easily reachable through Take to College’s new tool.

All HackCollege users need to do is enter in “hackcollege” when saving their list. This will work for the first 750 users.

Frankly, I don’t need Take to College anymore. I’ve gone through 2 move-ins and one move-out and hopefully I’ll be staying in the frat castle for the majority if not the entirety of my college career from here on out. But for those incoming freshmen or people transferring from state/community colleges back home, Take to College is essential.