Despite summer’s de-tensing properties, I’ve found myself pretty physically beat up recently due to making intelligent decisions like dancing until 5 in the morning. The dancing is fun, but the muscle soreness and weird tensiony shoulders the next day are less so. Unfortunately, I’m unable to afford a massage to get the muscle kinks out. However, I have found a way to bring a little bit of the massage therapist’s magic to me without the cost: a rubber band ball.

The rubber band ball inspiration came from Sarah Lacy’s packing list. She lists a pinky ball (the rubber bouncy ones from your childhood) as a packing essential. She uses it to give herself mini-massages on her hands and lower back.

I don’t own a pinky ball, but I have a rubber band ball sitting on my desk, and it turns out that it works just as well. Rubbing it on my neck and shoulders gets rid of tension headaches like nothing else, and rolling it on my hands and feet gets rid of soreness from typing and my pedestrian commute to summer school. As a result, I’m less sore and my bank account stays as full as possible. It’s a win-win for office supply multitasking.

Do you have any unusual double uses for desktop supplies? Share in the comments!