Feeling broke? Ironically, your expensive smartphone can help! Image courtesy of Flickr userDanielMoyle and licensed under CC by 2.0

Today’s guest post is from our old friend, Lior Levin, a student from Tel-Aviv University, and employee in their MA in Political Science and MBA Abroad Programs. You may remember his previous guest post detailing five social sites that every student should try. Take it away, Lior.


Who doesn’t love saving money? Whether it’s due to the economy, budgeting, job loss or just wanting to save up, everyone is trying to cut costs somewhere. One of the best things about technology and smartphones in particular, are the thousands of apps out there available; there are apps for just about everything including apps to help you save money. The 8 mobile apps listed here will show you how to save money everywhere on things like gas, telephone calls, text messages, music, TV, movies and more.



If you’re not familiar with Groupon, it’s a great site that posts daily local deals. Each deal is only available for a certain amount of time. The catch is that in order to get the deal, that is a minimum number of people (group) that need to buy in order to get the coupon (hence the name Groupon – group coupons). You can often find savings of up to 95% and save money shopping, eating, events, entertainment and much more.

With the mobile app you can browse, purchase, and redeem Groupons right from your device. The app will search for deals in your local area (via GPS). You can also keep track of deals that you’ve purchased in the past and keep an eye on when they’ll expire.

Availability: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mobile Website



With gas prices rising by the day, it’s definitely something we could all afford to save money on. GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas at stations near your current location. They have over 200 websites that are used to help find the lowest gas prices around. If you find a lower price, you can report it to them and earn points toward a grand prize giveaway.

Availability: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Mobile Website



ShopSavvy is a barcode scanning app that lets you find the lowest online and local prices for any product. The app will let you know about coupon codes, rebates, weekend sales and more. If you don’t have a barcode to scan, you can still search by keywords and you can even add missing barcodes to the system.

Availability: iPhone, Android



Just about everyone has a Skype account now and if not, it’s very easy to get one. With Skype you can save money on phone calls by making free calls to other Skype uers. You can even purchase an actual phone number to make and receive phone calls as well. If you have a camera on your device, you can also make video calls. Plus you can send instant messages and SMS messages to your friends.

A great Skype alternative with most of the same features (send and receive SMS and MMS messages) is Textfree. You can receive free incoming calls, earn free calling minutes, and chat on Facebook from within the app.

Availability: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian



Feedbooks is a great way to save on books because they have a huge library of over 3 million books which include: cheap ebooks, free public domain books, and free original books. It’s a “cloud publishing and distribution service,” meaning you’ll need a supported app in order to connect to their online catalog. Aldiko is the most popular app used for Android devices, while Bluefire is great for iOS devices.

If you’re looking for a great alternative, Stanza is a wireless electronic library with over 100,000 books for iOS devices.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android


If you’re tired of your current music library or just want some new music, Pandora is a great place to listen to Internet radio for free. With Pandora you create your own personalized radio stations based on artists that you like. One of Pandora’s greatest features is the ability to ban songs and artists from your stations, as well as add music from other unrelated artists to your stations. With Pandora you’re in total control of the music you’re listening to.

A great alternative to Pandora is AccuRadio, another free Internet radio app. Instead of listening to stations based on your favorite artists, it’s based on genres. They have a broad range of stations from rock to oldies to jazz to Latin. Each genre is then broken down into different eras.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm Pre



With apps like Crackle and FilmOn (a great alternative), you’ll be ready to cancel your cable service altogether. Crackle offers free movies and TV shows via a beautiful, user-friendly interface. New content is added on a weekly basis. You can search for specific items, browse by genre, view collections, and even catch the latest movie trailers. Crackle is a great way to save money on movies and cable, plus you can take it wherever you go.

While FilmOn is not an actual mobile app, it’s a website that you can view on your mobile devices and start watching TV instantly. There is a wide variety of worldwide channels to choose from like movies, sports, news, music and education.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android



Everyone is familiar with Craigslist; it’s the best place to save money on things like electronics, computers and furniture. You can see others in your local area who are selling things that they don’t use or need anymore. Many times you can find great deals on items that are barely even used. With Craigsphone you can stay up to date new listings so that you don’t miss out on those great deals. Craigsphone is one of very many Craigslist mobile apps and is also one of the most popular.

Availability: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

By just using these 8 mobile apps on a regular basis, you’ll see that you will not only save more money, but you’ll also be much happier since saving money is such a mood booster.