(Video contains some cursing–NSFW.)

Summer is great in that it allows you to be outside. It’s less so in that, while you’re outside, so are stinging things–like the yellow jacket which came after my friend Cat in the video. However, as she shows you in the video, a moistened cigarette rubbed on a sting can help stop it from hurting and help swelling go down.

That being said, 10 minutes after this was filmed Cat said that her head was still in some pain. This hack seems to require more immediate action and more moistened tobacco. (It also won’t help that much if you’re allergic to the sting, as we suspect that she might be.)

The explanation I give for the tobacco’s effect in the video is what I was told as a kid. That being said, I’ve seen several explanations online (many of them related to the pH of wasp venom vs. that of tobacco) and am not sure why it actually works. If you know enough science to tell us the real reason why, let us know in the comments!