Make this your best s-t-a-r-t yet. Photo courtesy of Flickr user . Licensed under CC-BY 2.0It’s just like the first day of kindergarten all over again. Your parents drop you off, there’s an emotional (sometimes tearful) goodbye, and the brave new educational world stands before you. Granted, it’s not a perfect parallel – there’s the stressful move, you share a room instead of a cubby, and there’s no pick-up line at the end of the day. College is the best time of your life, but for freshmen, it’s also a scary new frontier.

But here at HackCollege, we’re here to help. Over the next week, I’ll be doling out tips for some of our newest college students on how not to be mistaken for a first-year in the Incoming Freshman Series. In no way should any first-year student be ashamed of their freshman status, but this will help avoid common mistakes that could derail one’s personal and professional growth in college.

So what’s in store? Monday I’ll be telling freshmen how to dress so as not to be confused for a freshman. It might be a good idea to leave the Class of 2011 shirts and your letterman jackets at home.  Tuesday I’ll be focusing on the new financial independence that college grants and why that “free” t-shirt might not be the greatest idea. This Wasted Wednesday, we’ll be talking about how to party. Spoiler alert: blacking out every time is highly discouraged. Thursday, we’ll hit the books and talk about how to study smarter, and Friday, we’ll be focusing on the involvement and employment side of college and how freshmen students can hone their networking skills.

The Incoming Freshman Series is meant for the newest pupils in our university halls and quads, but it is a valuable refresher course for all college students. See you on Monday for a phrase I never thought I’d utter – HackCollege’s best tips on college fashion.