Welcome to what will hopefully be a new weekend feature–Watch, Read, Make. As you might guess from the name, we’ll be using the feature to suggest something new for you to watch, read, and make over the weekend. Let us know what you think (and what else you’ve been watching, reading, and making) in the comments.

Watch: This clip from Bots High, a documentary about high school robot builders. This particular clip is on girls involved in robotics, and includes an interview with one of the builders talking about how it annoys her that the girls she sees on a lot of the teams get relegated to record-keeping. It’s cool to see that the group of girls in the room shown in the clip has kids from all ages, and they’re super-proud of what they’ve made. It’s pretty sweet.

Read: After a lengthy rights-wrangling process, Paul Carr‘s new book, The Upgrade, is out in the US. I snagged the Kindle version last night, and–though a quick read–it’s pretty interesting. It talks about Carr’s decision to leave his apartment in London and live permanently in hotels, including the practical aspects of getting cheap rooms (which is useful information to have). It also chronicles his realization that he’s an alcoholic, the history of his friendship with Sarah Lacy, and his decision to stop drinking. If you’re a fan of Carr’s columns on TechCrunch or are interested in how one goes about living in hotels year-round, it’s worth a look.

Make: This recipe for Sonic-style cherry limeade makes my Oklahoma-raised heart go pitter-pat. If you’re looking for something to rehydrate you after a night of debauchery while still keeping the summer spirit alive, it’s the drink for you. For authentic Sonic style, make it with crushed ice. For an evening version, try it with gin.