Image courtesy of Flickr user Matthew Solle. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.For those of you in the market for student business cards, this week might be the time to make a purchase. Moo is having a 30%-off sale on all of their printed goods through July 20th (that’s Wednesday).  Their cards are printed on high-quality stock, the ink on it is pretty much water-proof, and there are eco-friendly options. They give you a nice box to keep the cards in. I really enjoy mine. All of these are good things! Unfortunately, the cards are pretty pricy–so a sale is a great time to go after them if you’re in the market for visually interesting cards, particularly if you’re like me and want to just use a pre-designed design template.

When you’re picking what the put on the cards, go for something that looks reasonably professional without tying you to your current job. You just want your basic contact info: name, email address, twitter handle (maybe), phone number (use a Google Voice number), and website. If you want to get a little more specific, you can possibly put a one-word job description, like “writer” or “web designer.” If you’re super-fancy, stick a QR code on there that takes a visitor to your website. Aim for a card that you wouldn’t be ashamed to give to an alumnus from your school.

Try not to get cutesy or put any information on the card that won’t be true a year from now–if you like to change your Twitter handle a lot, then leave it off the card and link it to your website instead, and if you’re about to graduate and lose your student email address, use a Gmail account instead. In general, however, you want to keep it so that your cards cast as wide a net as possible. Dynamic or specific content is what your website is for. It doesn’t cost anything to change your landing page, but it’s expensive to re-print business cards. With cards in hand, you should have an easier time preparing for the real world.

Additional discount: According to Brady Kent, you can get an additional 15% off if you use moo_sample_discount and are a first-time customer. Even better!